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i wouldn't really call this metal to be honest it is really nice though and I thoroughly enjoy it... my only thing I would change is that is is still really like the original in the piano thing your using.... feel that just adding in drums makes it a metal song and that is not true... I do hear the guitars also but they arnt prominent enough for me to say they are metal, I feel that it has kinda a djent sound but then again it really doesn't, I feel would be more of just a video game remix more than anything. but like I said it is still a really good song. the only reason it is not 5 sstars is because I don't feel it is quite metal...

i could do them if you want

this is really good but I don't exactly know why this is under heavy metal? to be honest it ounds like it belongs in a Nintendo game.... which isn't bad so I think it sounds great!!! keep it up!

very well put together

Panteras responds:

Thank you very much!

I really love it!!! there is only one problem in my eyes and it has to deal with the loudness.....it could be alittle louder....or at least the voices could be.....but other than that I think it sounds amayzing
also do you think you could give the lyrics please

this isn't really a review but its a question what are the lyrics to it.....cuz its amazing.....and I faved cuz its f*ckin awesome

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