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as i was reading through the other reviews i noticed that there wasn't much feedback to the reviews which is a tad upsetting. But before i go in and say some things that could be fixed here are some good things!
first- this is a great concept, it shows because this is the second one meaning there was a base that wanted one.
second- it was frustratingly fun ( what i mean is yeah there are a few issues but its not unbeatable, and me enjoying a challenge made it so that i didn't want to quit. it made me want to finish it.)
third- i like the style of it and the character designs for all of the enemies it all fits together really well which causes me to just enjoy the experience more.
ok now for some downfalls
first- some of the level become super hard not because of level design but because of lag and or hit box expansion. I found myself hitting certain enemies or traps at random points only because it wouldn't make you a bat before letting you slide a little. which either caused me to not turn into a bat and fall into the pit or hit an enemy so i couldn't fly around them. (i know i just said its nice sometimes but its only fun when its not because of lag and or various other broken reasons)
second- with the bat form i truly felt that the amount of "sliding" you do in the air is kind of ridiculous. more than a few times that also caused me to run out of bat form before being able to get to the platform i need to, and to me that was pretty frustrating.
third- there were a couple points where i had glitched into the wall causing me to have to restart the level (which is not bad, if just a little frustrating, because the levels are short but just a little thing that could be fixed relatively easy)

Overall like i said it was a nice game and something to pass the time, but if your not really into having to worry about lag, or controls being a bit slow just be prepared to be a bit grumpy after the first few levels.


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